1950s - 1960s

Peter Durban (with the family) goes westward (after selling his meat markets) and settles into the Los Angeles Market. He opens up a second round of stores in Los Angeles with his kids (second generation) getting into the business.

Peter Durban continued the family’s supermarket and meat market businesses by opening-up locations in the Los Angeles area. Family members such as Joe Durban, Monte Durban, John Durban and Bill Durban work in the stores while in school and afterwards. Joe Durban ended becoming a well-known Los Angeles area police officer and detective that was involved with well-known and publicized cases.

First Generation (The Eritanos)

Tom Eritano: Our Uncle Tom Eritano started his early meat business and butcher shop career as a meat cutter with Zacky Farms (with the original Sam Zacky family) and a few years later ended ended up creating his own small chain of Butcher Shops in Southern California.
Tom’s children (David, Tommy) and grandchildren (including Russell Eritano) followed in the family meat business relating to both family-owned butcher shops and the meat distribution business.

Zacky Farms LLC was an American food production company in California. It was incorporated in 1955 by Sam Zacky's family and developed by his three sons—Harry, Al, and Bob—from retail to wholesale. Its primary factory was located in Central California.